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Superwash or not?

So I used to think it was amazing that you can work with a fiber like wool and still be able to wash it in the washer. I I never stopped to think about the chemical process that the fiber had gone through to make it so.

I myself love to work with un processed fiber but when I started my shop it seemed that super wash was the way to make a customer happy.

I have since learned that many designers prefer to work with non super wash and that it holds "shape" better. I have heard some bloggers comment on how the sleeves on their sweater would sometimes droop and they would have to adjust the length. This was usually from a super wash fiber.

So if you want those cables to pop be sure to go with the NON super wash fiber. It really isn't much extra work in the long run because most of us already have a few delicates we prefer to hand wash.

Stay tuned because I will be focusing at least a third of my inventory on the unprocessed fiber in the near future. Peruvian wool and BFL fiber will be available. I would love to offer a few others but I have not found a fiber source as of yet. Be sure to let me know if you have any knowledge in that department. Rambouillet and Cheviot are on my wish list.

Thanks for checking in on my journey. Catch you later, Melissa @ Bella Fio

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