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My Fiber Journey

I have been a fan of yarn for many years now.

Early on I would go into yarn shops and stroll down the aisles stroking the yarn and gazing at all the beautiful colors.

I came across a website quite by accident and was introduced to the beauty of hand dyed yarns and new yarn bases like Merino.

Once I placed that first order there was no going back!

The artist in me was determined to create my own beautiful color designs using fiber as my palette.

That is only the beginning.

I am currently researching fiber and the amazing animals that it comes from.

I am determined (as an animal lover) to be very cautious where my bare yarn comes from. It must be ethically sourced.

Join me on this journey as I learn and share about the animals and where fibers come from.

I hope to procure an e spinner in the near future and I will share that learning experience also.

See you again soon, Melissa

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