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Too Many Wip's or not fast enough!

Are you one of those well organized people that always finish a project before beginning another?

I usually am except when it comes to knitting or crochet projects.

I currently have about 8 things going at this time. When I get bored or frustrated with a project I am working on, I just move to another until I feel like coming back to it.

I used to feel guilty about this but no longer.

What about all those trendy people that can finish up a pair of socks in a week and a sweater in a month?

I average about a month on a pair of socks and we won't even talk about the worsted boxy .

I finally realized that some of those people don't work outside the home so they probably have more time to work on their projects. Also it doesn't matter if you are a turtle knitter like me, it only matters that you are enjoying the moments spent in your craft.

So let's slow down and relax and enjoy the moments!

Just Breathe! Inhale - exhale and enjoy !

See you again soon! Melissa

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